If you want to create wealth in your life, you need to produce and deliver more value. You see, money is just a means of exchange, between one person’s value for another. It has no moral value, it’s neither right or wrong, good or bad, positive or negative.

People used to barter goods. They would exchange five chickens for twelve bales of hay, for example. Money was created as a token that represents real-world value (such as food, goods, or work-hours), to facilitate the exchange of value between people (also known as ‘commerce’). The more ‘chickens’ and ‘bales of hay’ you produce, the more of these ‘tokens’ flow to you.

This is why traditionally, the person with the most LAND was the richest person in that area… Rich and successful people have a fundamentally different view of money than poor or middle-class people.

One of the biggest “a-ha” moments of my life came when I read the following sentence in a book:

Money Is Nothing But The Measure Of The Value You Create For Other People!”

The money in your bank account is simply a representation of how much value you consistently provide to people. This was quite a departure from what I had been told my whole life. It changed my entire perspective on wealth and success.

You see, my father’s beliefs were more of the “rich-people-have-too-much-money-and-it’s-unfair” variety. His beliefs included: “Rich people are greedy, evil, exploitative! We are good people… and that’s why we have no money…”

But now I could realistically see a path to achieving great wealth. As long as I used my creativity to figure out how to add value to people, and as long as I kept learning about wealth creation, success, business-building, and investing… I was bound to become successful. This notion of “adding value” kept coming up as I studied successful people and their “success principles.”

The well-known sales trainer and personal development author Zig Ziglar wrote:

You can get everything in life you want if you just help enough other people get what they want.”

Earl Nightingale stated:

You become rich by enriching others!”

Brian Tracy added:

The Law of Income states that you get paid in direct proportion to the amount of value you deliver according to the marketplace!”

Don’t chase after the money

The lesson here for entrepreneurs is: don’t chase after the money. Instead, focus on how many customers you want to serve and add value to them—the bigger the problem you solve for them, the more money they’ll pay you. Building a business, after all, boils down to two simple things: customer acquisition (marketing and sales) and customer nurturing (staying in touch with your customers and offering them further products and services after the initial sale). In this model of the world, you create win-win situations. The more value you provide, the happier your clients are and the wealthier you become.

How Do You Create More Value?

If adding more value is the key to creating great wealth, how do you do so? How do you enrich others? How do you help them get what they want?

It starts by asking yourself a different set of questions. A better quality of questions can unlock your creativity and tap into your abundant capacities for resourcefulness.

Instead of asking “How can I make more money?” ask yourself:

  • Quality Question #1: What problems do people have?
  • Quality Question #2: What do people WANT?
  • Quality Question #3: What Are people BUYING?
  • Quality Question #4: How Can I Add More VALUE? How Can I Add 100 Times More Value?
  • Quality Question #5: What Solutions Can I Provide To People’s Problems?
  • Quality Question #6: Where Can I SOURCE Great Products or Solutions For People?
  • Quality Question #7: How Can I Get Paid To Do What I Love?
  • Quality Question #8: What are 30 Ways HOW I can raise $50,000 to launch my business?

You see, if you are asking yourself “How can I make more money”, the focus is on you. It is a selfish quest. No one will give you money just because you want money. They’ll give you money in exchange for goods or services you’ll provide them.

So, by asking yourself a quality question such as “What problems do people have?” or “What solutions do people need?”, you are on your way to winning the game of money. You are already thinking like a millionaire, rather than thinking like most people out there, who are too lazy, greedy, or self-centered to do what it really takes to become wealthy.

Another key insight is this: to deliver more value, sell products rather than selling your time. There are no limits to how many products you can create or sell, therefore your earning potential becomes uncapped (unlimited).

Furthermore, every product can become a new income stream, and you get to access a global market. Most people are trained from a young age to sell their time. But they only have so much time to sell—which limits their wealth potential dramatically—and furthermore, since everyone else is selling their time too, there are millions of workers out there competing for the same jobs. Their qualifications are exactly the same, so this depresses the price they can sell their time for. Their time and skills have become commoditized.

In any case, being an employee is not the best way to produce huge amounts of value. Instead of selling your time, focus on building a business, creating systems, and selling products.

Here are some tips on how you can start creating and delivering more value:

  • Learn more. Increase the value of you (your know-how and skills).
  • Sell products; by selling products, you are no longer exchanging time for money. Your earning potential becomes uncapped.
  • Get agents, joint venture partners, sales people and affiliates to sell your products for a commission. You are giving them a way for them to earn money. You are creating value for them and for the end user.
  • Leverage the Internet, Technology, Systems, Affiliates, Advertising, Social Media, Search Engines, Newsletters, Capital, Amazon, iTunes, eBay, Networks, Employees, Outsourcers, etc. to sell more products to more people.
  • Sell to a global market. Nowadays, you can sell through Facebook, YouTube, Clickbank, Google, Amazon, iTunes, eBay, Audible, and thousands of other websites to people all over the world! The power at your fingertips is huge.
  • Build a TEAM so that they deliver your products and services to more people.
  • License products, software, content, etc. to add to your offer, to increase its overall value.
  • Brainstorm 100 Ways How You Can Add Value. Brainstorm 30 “irresistible offers”.
  • Learn to sell – nothing happens until a sale is made. You can’t deliver mass amounts of value if you don’t know how to sell that value.

If someone feels that they are not making enough money, chances are they are either not producing enough value, or they are not using enough leverage.