Until you change your thinking, you will keep manifesting the same thing over and over again. You need to go ‘upstream’ and discover the subconscious beliefs that are creating your current life circumstances. Once you’ve identified these, you now have a chance at eliminating the limiting beliefs that have been preventing you from achieving true, lasting success.

Thanks to exercises passed on to me by a friend, I was able to identify 44 limiting beliefs that I held about money and wealth.

For example, I wrote down that: “Rich people are evil, greedy, exploitative. We are good people. that is why we have no money!” (a belief that implies that if you are poor, the people around you will love you and accept you, and if you become rich, you will become the target of people’s ire, envy, and resentment).

It became instantly and painfully obvious that these beliefs weren’t my own. They had been programmed into my subconscious by my father.

I used these mental exercises to eliminate each of the 44 limiting beliefs, and then programmed my subconscious mind with positive beliefs about myself and money, thanks to a series of ‘neuro-linguistic programming’ techniques. This radically transformed my mindset and feelings towards wealth, abundance, and success.

28 days later I was earning more than $300 a day in passive income thanks to my website. This would grow within two years to over one million dollars a year in sales.

Your invisible world creates your visible world

Identifying Your Limiting Beliefs About Money The vast majority of people are literally stumbling along blindly, their entire lives, wondering why their lives simply don’t work. Health problems… money problems… relationship problems… weight problems… These are just some of the symptoms the average person experiences throughout his or her lifetime, because of conflicting inner programs.

The things you think you want (consciously) may not be at all what you really want (subconsciously). Our subconscious beliefs and fears drive us significantly more than our conscious mind does… You see, we create our reality on three levels… Our Thoughts… Our Words… Our Actions. And when our thoughts, words, and actions are aligned, that is when things shift powerfully in our physical reality.

Most people go through life sabotaging themselves, with conflicting inner desires. For example, they might think: “I am ready for a beautiful relationship… I want that beautiful Goddess in my life… I can’t wait for the connection and the intimacy and sharing and joy together…”.

… but in the next moment they think: “But what if she breaks my heart?!”

Or, they might consciously believe they “want more money”…

…but actually believe deep down “my friends won’t like me anymore when I make more money than them!”

This sort of ‘approach-avoidance’ issue is very common. It is a psychological conflict that results from a goal being both desirable and undesirable.

When I started running through an exercise that would identify my ‘limiting beliefs about money’, it revealed that I had no less than 44 limiting beliefs about money. These were sabotaging my attempts at every turn.

Some of my limiting beliefs included:

“Making money is hard”

“I don’t know how to make a lot of money”

“Rich people are evil, greedy, exploitative…”

“If I Make More Money Than People Around Me, They Won’t Like Me Anymore.”

“What if I fail? Then I’m REALLY a loser…”

“There Isn’t Enough Money to Go Around”

“When you have money, spend it quickly, or someone might take it from you!”

“Money is the root of all evil…”

“Save your money for a rainy day…”

“Money doesn’t grow on trees…”

“You can’t be rich and spiritual…”

“Money doesn’t buy happiness…”

“Money can’t buy you love…”

“That’s not for people like us…”

“We can’t afford it…”

As a result, every time I tried to make money my subconscious mind found subtle ways to have me stop myself, not go all the way, sabotage my success, and ultimately fail. In my subconscious, I feared that becoming rich would mean terrible, horrible things for me! It would mean that everyone around me would hate me, resent me, despise me, want things from me… I wouldn’t be safe!

In my mind I was linking pain to having money and being rich… (‘people will hate me if I’m rich’) and I was linking pleasure, acceptance, and safety to not having money (‘my friends will like me more if I am broke, like they are!’). I have coached hundreds of people all over the world on this topic and helped them dramatically increase their income. Some of their limiting beliefs about money included:

“You have to be born wealthy, to be a millionaire…”

“I’m not educated enough…”

“It takes luck to be a millionaire” [actually, it takes focus, work, and the right mindset]

“You have to be a crook to get rich…”

“I’m too old to start…”

“It’s hard to make money… money doesn’t grow on trees…”

“To make money you have to take advantage of other people…”

“To get rich you have to take it from someone else, and they’ll have less. It’s not fair.”

“I can’t afford to start my own business…”

“What if I fail? What will people think of me? I’ll be ridiculed!”

“What if I make a lot of money and lose it all? Then I’m really a failure!”


Brian Tracy says:

Your outer world is a reflection of your inner world, and it corresponds to your dominant patterns of thinking. Change your thinking, and you will change your life.”

Author T. Harv Eker adds:

Lack of money is never a problem. It is a result. If a problem exists, it’s in your thinking and how that thinking manifests through feelings and actions to produce your results. It is the result of conditioned and largely automatic thinking.”

Negative statements about money, overheard while still a child, might still be determining your financial life and destiny. These are the main reason why people are not doing well financially, or why they sabotage themselves when they finally achieve success.