Mind Programming Technique #1: Affirmations

Affirmations, spoken with feeling (excitement, gratitude, joy), are incredibly powerful in manifesting a desired reality. FEEL the excitement of being that which you are affirming. When I say “I inspire millions of people around the world”, or “I Love My Life!” I imagine myself on stage in front of thousands of people, feeling thrilled, excited, and grateful!

I start my day by saying my affirmations ten to twenty-one times each, out loud, with excitement in my voice, as I visualize the outcome. Some of my favourite affirmations include:

  • I Am Amazing!
  • I Am Inspiration! I Am Power!
  • I Am a Genius and I Apply My Wisdom!
  • I have access to all the wisdom that I need!
  • I Love My Life! I Am Rich, I Am Loved, I Am Grateful!
  • Every Day, In Every Way, I Am Healthier & Stronger!
  • Every Day In Every Way I Am Better & Better!
  • Every Day In Every Way I Am More Efficient & Productive!
  • I Express Myself Freely and Creatively! I Inspire Millions of People Around The World!
  • Money Flows To Me In Avalanches of Abundance, From All Directions, And I Am Grateful Beyond Measure For All The Abundance, Love, and Joy in my Life!
  • I expand in abundance, success & love every day as I inspire those around me to do the same!

You see, we create on three levels: Thought. Word. Deed.

  • Your thoughts are creative… Your thoughts are an energy that goes on forever.
  • Your words are even more creative. You are bringing the world of the invisible (your thoughts) into physical reality, through the physical vibration of sound. Writing down your thoughts is also a very powerful process of creation (it makes your thoughts more real, tangible, and concrete; this is another reason why writing down our goals in a journal is so important).
  • And finally, your ACTIONS (or ‘deeds’) are the physical embodiment of your thoughts and your words.

When your thoughts, words, and actions are aligned, you become a powerful CREATOR. The problem is, most people are completely out of integrity with themselves. What they think, what they say, and what they do are very different. For example:

(thought) “Hmm… I should go on a diet…

(said aloud) “I am going on a diet!

(action taken) “I’ll start my diet after I finish this chocolate cake…”

A thought that is spoken over and over again, thousands of times, has incredible creative power to it. it gets seared in your brain as a new neuro-association. A new belief is formed. A word expressed over and over again becomes just that – expressed, pushed out. It eventually becomes your physical reality. Remember: You are a very powerful creator!

Mind Programming Technique #2: Visualization

Visualization is a well-known technique for goal-achievement and performance enhancement, supported by substantial scientific evidence. It is used by some of the most successful people in the world, be it world-class athletes or billionaire business owners.

There is tremendous creative power in visualizing clearly and exactly that image of what you want to create in your life. There are many reasons why this technique is so powerful. Firstly, clarity is power. Sending out such a precise, clear thought into the Universe aligns you “vibrationally” with that outcome. In other words, you start resonating at the same frequency as that ‘picture’ (that precise outcome) in your mind.

Secondly, your brain won’t resist you as much. Your brain is not there to ‘make you happy’; it’s there to protect you, to keep you in the ‘comfort zone’ that you’ve gotten used to. If your brain has “seen” that new outcome over and over again, it will interpret it as “real”—an outcome that has already occurred—so it will no longer be outside your comfort zone or scary. Your brain must ‘see it before it can believe it’.

Visualizing our perfect outcome creates a new neural pathway that primes our mind and our body to act in a way that is consistent with the achievement of that image, vastly increasing your chances of achieving and experiencing it.

The Greek shipping magnate Onassis would rehearse in his head over and over again how he wanted his business meetings to turn out. Like a sorcerer, he would have the most hardened businessmen who’d turned down dozens of other similar proposals saying yes to everything he wanted within moments of meeting him. I have done this many, many times. It really works like magic!

One of the reasons why visualization and ‘mental rehearsals’ work so well is because they help our minds turn the ‘unfamiliar’ and scary (things that are outside our comfort zone) into the familiar.

Mind Programming Technique #3: Hypnosis

Hypnosis can be an extremely effective tool in your arsenal for transforming your limiting beliefs. Why? Because hypnosis can bypass your conscious mind and work directly on your subconscious.

Dr. Laura De Giorgio writes:

You will tend to experience the fastest results when working with issues you believe to be possible for you to achieve, you are motivated to achieve, and you expect to achieve. The more often you listen to recordings, the more you saturate your mind with positive ideas, the faster results you will get. For best and fastest results listen to hypnosis recordings once or twice a day and to other types of recordings with affirmations throughout the day or while you’re sleeping. Listen to the recording UNTIL you get desired results. Depending on the goals you desire to achieve and challenges you are facing, you may experience instant results or it may take you days or weeks or longer to get the results you desire.”

Suggestions on subliminal and supraliminal tracks are designed to by-pass your conscious awareness and become impressed directly upon your subconscious mind, so you will not hear them consciously. The best time to listen to hypnosis recordings is just before you go to sleep or at such times during the day when you are naturally more relaxed physically, yet mentally still alert enough to follow the guidance on the recording. A part of your mind is always listening, so you will be programming your subconscious mind even if you drift off to sleep.”